Fat Sick And Practically Dead Inspired Me Day 1

(SORRY FOR THE AUDIO Concerns!) yes i am trying to reside a healthier life! a buddy of mines asked me to watch the documentary Fat Sick And Nearly Dead and it has inspired me to atleast try. this is day 1 of fasting with just juice and water. man this is rough.

25 Responses to Fat Sick And Practically Dead Inspired Me Day 1

  1. sckraco diyor ki:

    I know you’re gonna make it man! My favorite way to diet well is to just keep my grocery list simple. Whole wheat bread and sphaghetti / noodles, eggs, broccoli, carrots, FF Milk, bananas and ground-peanut peanut butter (Winco has this, awesome). Sautee chopped veggies, onions, garlic in sriracha, stir in sphaghetti – that shit is good. Chicken leg quarter and veg for dinner. I’m still losing, from 260 last year to 170 now, kinda plateaud. Cardio, weights in that order and smoke weed regularly.

  2. jadppe diyor ki:

    Hey Bra, nice video. My wife and I are on Day 1 today. Feeling pretty good. We’re in Northern California but lived in Hawaii for 6 years…really miss da islands.

    Anyway, don’t listen to the people that havn’t seen Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. You are not crash dieting. You are getting plenty of Nutrition and calories.


  3. MzPinay8D diyor ki:

    @orgaSAMx I miss you too!

  4. orgaSAMx diyor ki:

    @MzPinay8D ikr?! :)  miss you!

  5. YourBoyBH diyor ki:

    Not eating at all is not a good thing man, because once you restart eating again you will get all the weight you lost during the diet. The best diet is – Healthy food and working out. Make sure you drink ALOT of water in order to help your metabolism losing weight.

  6. AudibleLabRats diyor ki:

    Do It! stay strong!

  7. WayneTillis diyor ki:

    I havent seen that documetary yet. I have lots of health issues that scare me too. I am going slow with this fasting stuff too. Good luck! Here is some encouragement!

  8. MzPinay8D diyor ki:

    @orgaSAMx LMAO! My awesome friend, now ASM ..whom I trained at Gamestop Kunia when she got hired.. Love you!

  9. orgaSAMx diyor ki:

    @MzPinay8D WOO, KUNIA!

  10. mafijoza3727 diyor ki:

    You look good. Good man needs to be big :p

  11. RockerDudeVideos diyor ki:

    Going on a crash diet can be dangerous, you gotta eat something, I mean, I’m a little overweight myself, and I just try to eat, but try not to eat too many sweets and focus on the healthy food.

  12. RockerDudeVideos diyor ki:

    Maybe you should eat more, but healthy food. It’s really the excercise that helps, not just the diets. 

  13. RatedUnblockable diyor ki:

    Hang in there Nat…

  14. BlazeOver09 diyor ki:

    Good Job man. by the way… Eat healthy and do small workouts like pushups,sit ups, and run.. It will make the pain sub-side and it will make your heart healthier and make you stronger.. Good Luck man.

  15. ThEOneEnIgMaYT diyor ki:

    Yo good luck man i hope it helps ur health !

  16. TheMaslingsterDude diyor ki:

    Good for you pal! hope things work out for ya!

  17. MzPinay8D diyor ki:

    I see you Natural! =D I wish you the best of luck with your goals and you know where to find me if you need a friend to turn to… maybe I’ll run into you at Gamestop LOL! I got my Gears bundle reserved at Kunia so yea, eventually.. MIDNIGHT RELEASE!

  18. Vortexiii diyor ki:

    good luck you seem like a real cool guy in real life and i hope you are able to reach your goals man!

  19. TheSuperSmashBrother diyor ki:

    You realize if you under-nourish yourself, as you might be doing with this fast, then your body is going to start hanging on to EVERY LITTLE THING it can, right?

    People who try to shed weight fast by eating less than normal may actually gain more weight, since the body is taking and storing everything that it gets as fat.

  20. extremestyles100 diyor ki:

    Good luck

  21. ChewbakChronic diyor ki:

    WOW man, Good Luck. Once you get the ball rolling you’ll get into a routine and it’ll be second nature. I had to get my Heart checked because i thoought I was getting little heart attacks or heart murmers, so I got an Ultrasound test on my heart and they said my heart was fine and it was my Pec just tightening up.

  22. MaSv13 diyor ki:

    Btw props to you man, a change like this is such a good thing to see, good luck.

  23. MaSv13 diyor ki:

    Wow…. as hard as this may sound to believe, im actually watching this documentary right now on netflix its really great, more people should watch this.

  24. Miricle diyor ki:

    you can do it man, in June i had a little bit of a health scare and from there it changed my life, as of now i’ve lost 31lbs. 285 down to 254, if i can drop weight anyone can. Goodluck natural maybe i’ll start documenting my shiz too we can be a tag team spokespeople for weight loss.

  25. Xbox360ProGammerX diyor ki:

    Good luck! 

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